Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern-Based Recipes

“Food From East” is an open access Eastern Nutritional recipe database collected by Mitchell Harris LAc and graduate students at Pacific College, Chicago.  It is intended for practitioners of Traditional East Asian Medicine and their clients.

In the East Asian tradition, health is discerned via patterns of disharmony, which are recognized by their constellation of signs and symptoms of a person.  It is a complex form of diagnosis which takes years of education to understand clearly. Therefore, if one searches only for symptoms via the search bar, many possible patterns will emerge, but the pattern for the purpose of healing may not be clear until you visit a licensed practitioner.

To use this database one must have been told their pattern by a Licensed Acupuncturist and/or Herbalist or trained Asian Body Therapist.  Then one can search for it under the Recipe Categories or by using the search field to look for certain ingredients or diseases and then looking for the pattern.

Anyone is welcome to search, print or connect via link any recipe in this website.

A reminder that Eastern Medicine describes organ names in a different context then Western medicine. Organs names are not exactly the same as the physiological concepts in Western medicine and include other concepts and body/mind systems.

In order to find a practitioner of Traditional East Asian Medicine please look to see that they are a Licensed Acupuncturist and are a Diplomate via NCCAOM certification ( National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). Some states, like California have their own license exam tests and do not require NCCAOM certification.

This database is a collection of years of Eastern Nutrition class work and assignments. We hope you enjoy the energetic, physical and emotional balance that food and holistic care can provide, every bite you take~

Mitch Harris LAc




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