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A great vegetarian site

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Sushi Ninjas and the Jimmy Page diet plan

Categories: Blogs, Cooking tips, Food Culture From Chicago producer/musician’s Steve Albini’s food blog.

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Simple, Healthy Recipes and Cooking Tips!

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Great post about Liver nourishing foods and ideas

Categories: Articles, Cooking tips, Heart Blood Vacuity, Liver Blood Vacuity, Meat From Nourished magazine. Also mentions this cool site Lynn Razaitis, Leader of the Atlanta, Georgia Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation, has found some wonderful medieval European recipes. She recommends, where participants provide translations and comments on recipes in old cookbooks. She says, Ancient cookbooks even describe the use of liver to thicken sauces, apparently by pressing raw pureed liver through a fine strainer and adding it to sauce that was then carefully heated but not boiled. (During Lent, fish livers served to thicken sauces!) As long […]

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Easy Coconut Water Kefir – How to make instructions and video (tropical probiotic)

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Another of my favorite probiotic treats is homemade, dairy-free Coconut Water Kefir (a naturally fermented beverage) made from young coconuts. Beneficial probiotics feed on the sugar in the water and leave a slightly fizzy, sour, champagne-like elixir that you can add to your healing arsenal. Oftentimes, I make a batch of Coconut Kefir Yogurt at the same time since I’m opening coconuts and have all the ingredients that I need for both. Coconut Kefir Elixir and Coconut Kefir Yogurt are basically food tools that help maintain a healthy inner ecosystem […]

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“How to Make Oatmeal . . . Wrong” NY Times opinion piece

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Does covering the pot when making soup help to preserve nutrients?

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Yes, it is helpful to cover your soup pot when making soup. The process of soup-making exposes food to increased temperatures over a relatively long period of time. In addition, foods are usually chopped up or sliced before being added to a soup, and this chopping and slicing increases their exposed surface area. Finally, these chopped and sliced foods with more exposed surface areas get submerged into water. This particular combination of factors (large food surface areas exposed to water under increased temperature for an extended period of time) is […]

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of butter and ghee when it comes to cooking?

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From a nutritional standpoint, both butter and ghee are basically made from the fats of whole milk. Although butter in the United States is almost always made from cow’s milk, the ghee used for cooking in India is often made from buffalo milk. Both ghee and butter are usually 80% milk fat or greater in terms of their composition, and about two-thirds of that fat is saturated fat. How Butter Is Made Butter is made by separating cream from milk. Since the fat-based cream portion of the milk is lighter […]

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Indian Cooking; Nutrition Info

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This is not how I normally like to look at food, through caloric and fat content counting, but it is useful info to look over to get an idea of what you are putting in your body. I eat mostly vegetarian (flexitarian really) and just a friend just moved to the Devon area. This is THE Indian and Pakistani area of Chicago and so I have been eating rich, delicious vegetarian Indian food just about every night. I hope to cook some tasty, nutritious meals in this style soon. Until […]

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Chicken in Black, NYTimes recipe

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