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What do you think about cooking vegetables in a microwave?

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For The Vegetarians: Red Curry Kohlrabi

Healthy Food Tip What do you think about cooking vegetables in a microwave? We get many questions about whether we recommend cooking vegetables in a microwave. As you will see throughout our website, light steaming is our cooking method of choice for most vegetables. Loss of nutrients in the microwave depends on the same factors involved with loss of nutrients on the stovetop. To predict the nutrient loss, it’s important to know answers to questions like: “Is the vegetable placed in water? How much water? To what temperature are the […]

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MSG and what it is

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Gluten Containing Herbs – for Celiac Disease patients

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From: Chinese Herbs Containing Gluten and Potential Allergens Although not frequently noted in the Chinese materia medica, there are a few herbs containing gluten that may be problematic for patients with food sensitivities, and especially for those with celiac sprue (also called gluten sensitive enteropathy or GSE). People with soy or nut allergies may also be advised to avoid certain herbs. As herbalists, our recommendations are often dependent on the degree to which an individual patient seeks to avoid exposure to a certain food. Gluten and Celiac Disease Gluten […]

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Farmers Markets: The Way to Eat

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Farmers Markets: The Way to Eat In May the Chicago Tribune ran a list of strategies for making the best of your visit to the farmers market. But, honestly, most of it is common sense. My list of tips is decidedly shorter and easier to remember: 1. Do most of your food shopping there. Choose whatever fruit’s in season and eat it for breakfast with plain yogurt, ground flax, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Or with cottage cheese and almonds for lunch. Fresh berries with a little cream are […]

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Cheese and its biological effects (and why I love it)

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Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Soy Diet for Illinois Prisoners

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I found this on the Westeron A APrice Foundation website. They belieive in traditional diets and that modern obsession with some things like soy are not proven in traditional cultures. Soy Alert! web site also has info on this. From the TCM perspective (which is what I always go back to), soy is cold and possibly damp enducing and damaging to yang. If you don’t know how to prepare it in a way to help balance these issues (with ginger, stir fried etc..) anyone with the wrong constitution may suffer. […]

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New Years Resolution Ideas: How to Avoid Factory-Farmed Food: The Quick Version

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How to Avoid Factory-Farmed Food: The Quick Version An online guide makes it easy to look for more sustainably-produced food near you. Also read about this sad fact: 80% Of All US’ Antibiotics Given To Farm Animals Happy Holidays and Healthy eating~

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Different Types of Water

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This article touches on some basic differences between water available to us. Distilled is the water of choice for this particular author.

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Freshly Squeezed: The Truth About Orange Juice in Boxes

Categories: Articles, Food Safety Sobering article about the processing of OJ with a “freshly squeezed” labeled. Yikes. Enjoy~

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Food DNA

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