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Simple Chicken Salad

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Simple Chicken Salad By: Christina Paget Chop 1 large potato into 1/2 inch cubes and boil in salted water until tender, but not falling apart, al dente. Any pre-cooked chicken can be used. Such as the roasted ones from the grocery store. Tear chicken into bit size pieces. About 1-2 cups will be used. Chop 1 green pepper into bite size pieces. Steam or blanch lightly before using. Finely chop 1-2 radishes or more for extra zing! Combine the chicken, green pepper, potato, and radish in a mixing dish. In a […]

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Gluten Containing Herbs – for Celiac Disease patients

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From: Chinese Herbs Containing Gluten and Potential Allergens Although not frequently noted in the Chinese materia medica, there are a few herbs containing gluten that may be problematic for patients with food sensitivities, and especially for those with celiac sprue (also called gluten sensitive enteropathy or GSE). People with soy or nut allergies may also be advised to avoid certain herbs. As herbalists, our recommendations are often dependent on the degree to which an individual patient seeks to avoid exposure to a certain food. Gluten and Celiac Disease Gluten […]

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Top 10 Anti Inflammation Foods and Food List from an ND database…may surprise you

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Anti-inflammation food lists

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Anti-inflammatory food blog/recipes + track your food’s nutritional content

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One upstart blog with emphasis on anti-inflammatory foods: And, a great way to look up food nutritional information:  

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