Azuki Bean & Pork Soup (Chi Xiao Dao Pai Gu Tang)

Categories: Asian, Damp, Edema, Kidney Water Overflow, Soup

this is a translation from a chinese folk remedy tx CHI XIAO DAO PAI GU TANG (AZUKI BEAN PORK SOUP) INGREDIENTS: DONG GUA (Winter melon),  peeled and chopped, 60g CHI XIAO DAO (Azuki Beans),  rinsed, 6g CHEN PI (dried tangerine peel),  4 PCs PORK (Belly or Shoulder), chopped,   120g salt and a little sugar HOW TO COOK: 1. SUBMERGE  PORK IN BOILING WATER 1-2 MINS; REMOVE PORK AND SET ASIDE 2. DISCARD WATER 3. BRING 2 LITRES WATER TO A BOIL; ADD THE INGREDIENTS AND SIMMER UNTIL BEANS ARE […]

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