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coffee cup   CAN COFFEE AND TEA HELP PREVENT KIDNEY STONES? Kidney stones are common, painful and expensive to treat. It is estimated that about three people in every 100 in the UK will suffer from them. And Koo Stark, former girlfriend of Prince Andrew and herself a sufferer, recently revealed in ‘Hello’ magazine that the condition will prevent her having the home birth she would have preferred for the baby she is carrying. But according to a new report drinking plenty of coffee, tea, beer or wine could reduce the […]

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Coffee: Chinese Medicine Perspective

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Coffee: Chinese Medicine Perspective How should one of the most (if not the most) widely consumed decoction worldwide be evaluated from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective? To discuss coffee’s classification into traditional Chinese medicine energetics I prefer to look at its actions and side effects. Increased alertness/energy, diuretic, diaphoretic, and purgative. The last three are easy to classify as drain dampness, resolve exterior and mild purgative. Classifying increased energy I think can mistakenly be classified as a Qi tonic. I mention mistakenly as I do not see coffee having any […]

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The Magic of Yerba Mate

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Walk anywhere in Argentina and you can’t help but notice stylish men and women toting, not Starbucks lattes or portable coffee mugs, but instead, fist-size gourds, piled high with loose tea, topped with hot water and served, filtered, with a metal straw. Yerba mate – it’s thick and sludge-like, bitter-tasting and quite frankly, in my first-timer opinion, not-so-delicious. Yet, it’s one of the most healthful, natural beverages on earth. Very similar to coffee and tea, Yerba Mate has been used as a beverage since the time of the ancient Indians […]

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