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Gluten Containing Herbs – for Celiac Disease patients

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From: Chinese Herbs Containing Gluten and Potential Allergens Although not frequently noted in the Chinese materia medica, there are a few herbs containing gluten that may be problematic for patients with food sensitivities, and especially for those with celiac sprue (also called gluten sensitive enteropathy or GSE). People with soy or nut allergies may also be advised to avoid certain herbs. As herbalists, our recommendations are often dependent on the degree to which an individual patient seeks to avoid exposure to a certain food. Gluten and Celiac Disease Gluten […]

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CUTTING COSTS WITH A VEGETARIAN DIET…something to consider in lean times

Categories: Articles, Food Culture, Vegetarian   CUTTING COSTS WITH A VEGETARIAN DIET Are you looking for ways to trim your household budget in the depths of the recession? Well, there is no cheaper way than to eat vegetarian. If you are new to vegetarianism let me assure you it’s no big deal. The only major change is that you swap one protein (meat) for a protein from other sources (beans, lentils, grains, seeds etc). Making the switch is easy when there is only yourself involved. It only becomes tricky when a whole family is […]

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What is gluten sensitivity and how do you know if you have it?

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People may have noticed in the last few years, more and more gluten-free products have been making there way to grocery store shelves. First of all, gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley, oats, and rye. Anyone can develop gluten intolerance at any point in their lives. Common triggers include stress, surgery, pregnancy, or illness. The important thing to remember is, gluten and casein (the protein found in milk) are two of the most difficult to digest proteins we encounter. It is hard on everybody to digest these proteins. […]

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Understanding Gluten Sensitivity

Categories: Articles A very nice introductory article about this topic from a friend and very smart lady.

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Allergy to wheat…what to prepare for kids

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