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Roasted Squash and Turkey Soup

Categories: Spleen Damp, Spleen Damp Cold, Spleen Qi Vacuity, Spleen Yang Vacuity, Stomach Cold

Earth Roasted Squash and Turkey Soup Servings: 4 large or 8 small Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking time:40 minutes Prelude: Squash has recently become known as one of the healthiest veggies and its benefits include high fiber and a good profile of antioxidants. In this soup we pair the butternut variety with a host of spices and turkey to create an awesome flavor blend that you’re sure to enjoy. Ingredient energetics: 5 cups butternut squash – benefit the earth, spleen, stomach and tonifiy the middle jiao 1 cup Onion: moves and aids […]

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Easy Lemon Turkey Burgers

Categories: Liver Qi Stagnation

Erika Anderson Easy Lemon Turkey Burgers Ingredients: ½ lb. Ground Turkey Meat Neutral to Warm SP, ST, K Tonify Qi, Nourish Blood, Consolidate K, Zest of one Lemon Acrid Cool LV, ST Moves the Qi Harmonize St Regenerate Fluids 1.5 Tbsp. Capers Sour Cool Restrains to Liver ¾ Tsp. of Dried Oregano Pungent Warm Moves the Qi 1 Tbsp. Milk (Moistens Burger) Sweet Neutral SP, ST, LU Tonifies Qi and Blood, Moistens Dryness 4 Tbsp. of Cubes Feta Sour Cool Restrains the Liver 1 tsp. of Lemon Juice Sour Cool […]

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