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Liver Blood Xu-Bu Xue Dang Gui Ya

Categories: Heart Blood Stagnation, Heart Blood Vacuity, Kidney Yang Vacuity, Liver Blood Vacuity, Liver Qi Stagnation, Spleen Yang Vacuity

liver blood xu- bu xue dang gui ya Fx: regulate the qi, tonify and nourish the blood. Sx  dizziness, tired, fatigue, might have cold hands and feet ingredients: Dang gui 5g,Shu di 3g,Chaun xiong1g,Bai shao 2g,Dan shen 2g,Huang qi 2 g, Gou qi 5g,Gui zhi 1g,Duck*1 ( 3kg),Fresh ginger 1g, Fx of herbs Dang gui : moisten the bowel and tonify , nourish the blood Shu di :tonify blood, benefit yin Chaun xiong: move and nourish the blood Bai shao: nourish the blood Dan shen : active blood, break up blood […]

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Huang Qi Broth To Regain Appetite

Categories: Kidney Jing Vacuity, Spleen Qi Vacuity

Huang Qi Broth To Regain Appetite Erika Anderson Ingredients Channels Taste, Temp. Functions 30 grams Huang Qi Wrapped in Cheese Cloth SP, LU Sweet, Warm Tonifies Qi & Blood, Increases Appetite 3 pounds of Chicken Pieces SP, ST, K Sweet, Warm Tonifies Qi & Blood, Nourishes Kidneys Jing 10 Cups Cold Water (or enough water to cover the chicken) 7 Slices of Ginger LU, SP, ST Pungent Warm Stops Nausea, Disperses Cold 8 Green Onions, cut into 1 inch Pieces LU, ST, LI Pungent, Warm Warms The Lung and Stomach […]

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