Vegetarian Chili

Categories: Kidney Qi Vacuity, Liver Blood Vacuity, Spleen Yang Vacuity

Vegetarian Chili by Mike Clark 4 — 28 oz cans of Whole Peeled Tomatoes 1 Cup Black Beans 1 Cup Kidney Beans 8 Grapes 6 Carrots 4 Beets 1 Onion 33 Grams Gou Qi Zi 2 Cinnamon Sticks (Rou Gui) Prep and Cooking: Put both cups of beans in a colander and wash under cold water. Dump the beans into a large pot and soak in twice the level of beans in water for about 30 minutes. Drain the beans in the colander again and wash off (the soaking, draining, […]

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