Chicken Grape Salad

Categories: Liver Blood Vacuity, Liver Qi Stagnation

Chicken Grape Salad 1 avocado (benefits LV, protects Yin) ¼ cup of parsley, minced. ½ teaspoon of thyme. ¼ teaspoon of garlic, minced. Pinch of sage, salt and black pepper. 4 cups of diced, cooked chicken breasts. (Nourishes blood to prevent wind) 2 cups of seedless grapes. (sour nature restrains liver qi, nourishes blood, relieves irritability) ½ cup of pistachios, toasted. (Tonifies LV) Mix herbs and spices with chicken, mix in mashed avocado until chicken is coated and then mix in Grapes and almonds. Serves 4

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