Lily and Rehmannia Egg Soup

Categories: Heart Yang Vacuity, Heart Yin Vacuity, Kidney Yin Vacuity, Liver Blood Vacuity, Shen Calming

Lily and Rehmannia Egg Soup (Sweet) PER SERVING: Dried lily bulb (bai he) – 40gm (sweet, sl. bitter, sl. cold, HT and LU YIN tonic) Processed rehmannia (shu di) – 40gm (sweet, bitter, cold, nourishes YIN and blood, clears HT fire) Egg – 2 (neutral, sweet, supplements blood and yin) 1. Rinse herbs. Boil eggs and remove shell. 2. Put all ingredients in a pot with adequate water (about 2.5 cups). 3. Cook with medium heat for one hour to one cup of water left. 4. Add a bit of […]

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