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What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Seaweed?

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Overview Sea vegetables, often referred to as seaweed or algae, are not as common in the Western culture as they are in other areas of the world. Sea vegetables come in a variety of colors including green, red and brown, each with a unique flavor, shape and texture. This exclusive family of vegetables absorbs nutrients from the sea and are, therefore, an excellent source of trace elements, vitamins, minerals and protein. Sea vegetables are some of the most nutritious foods you can eat. Proponents claim that sea vegetables can protect […]

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Whole Life Nutrition Web Site / Seminars / Book links and more

Categories: Articles, Blogs, Cleanse, Diets, Food Culture What happens when you find a diet that works for you? You feel good! In fact, you feel great! Your diet needs change throughout your lifetime, the seasons, and days. Major life events can cause a shift in your body which causes a need for a shift in the diet. This can be a fun and enjoyable process. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about you! Take a look around, check out our recipe blog, read about our 28-day Elimination & Detoxification Diet, if you feel like you […]

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Western Nutrition info to help Prevent UTI

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Nutrition and Supplements Following these nutritional tips may help reduce symptoms: * Drink a lot of fluids, such as herbal teas and water. Avoid sweetened fruit juices and other sweetened drinks. * Cranberries and blueberries contain substances that inhibit the binding of bacteria to bladder tissue. Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice regularly helps lower the risk of UTIs. * Try to eliminate potential food allergens, including dairy, wheat (gluten), corn, preservatives, and food additives. Your health care provider may want to test for food sensitivities.If you are susceptible to UTIs, drinking […]

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Vitamin B12 for vegans -nutritional yeast or dang gui?

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High levels of Vitamin B12 tend to be found in animal products. How can vegetarians and vegans insure that they are getting adequate supplies of Vitamin B12? According to research, brewers yeast, spirulina, and seaweed do not have reliable sources! (Check chart below for more sources of B12) Red Star Nutritional Yeast, fortified cereals, dairy and eggs have B12. But alas! Maybe some dang gui will do the trick? In TCM we say it tonifies the blood. Apparently it does have Vitamin B12 in it! I have yet to find […]

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Scientific Evidence for Popular Health Supplements

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