Sugar Water with Chinese Herbs (Tong shui)

Categories: Asian, Heart and Kidney not communicating, Shen Calming, Vegan, Vegetarian

lotus root

Lian zi Bai he Lian ao Tong shui
Treat: Clear heat, calm spirit ,support Kd, help urination

Serving size: 5 people
Bai he: 30g
Lian zi: 30g
Lian ao: 50g
Brown suger: 20g

Lian Ao ( Lotus root)
-cool, sweet
-clear heat, relieve irritability, strengthen st, cool the blood, stop bleeding, promote diuresis- HTN, urinary problem

Lian Zi
– Sweet, astringe, neutral
– Calm spirit, strengthen SP, stop diarrhea
– Tonify kd, astringe essence: floating and spotting, vaginal discharge, premature ejaculation

Bai He
– Sweet, sl bitter, sl cold
– Moisten the lung, suppresses cough
– Clear heart calm spirit

How to cook:
1.Wash all ingredients( don’t wash brown sugar)
2. Slice lian ao
3. boil water
4. add Lian zi and bai he, 30 mins in 2
5. add Lian ao, cook another 30 mins, and add brown sugar at the very end
( this is lazy way to cook TONG SHUI) coz lots people will cook brown sugar and water separate instead of adding at the very end
6. cool before serving

Tong/ tang shui
Tong/tang- means SUGAR
Shui æ- means WATER

I would say basic idea sugar broth; some people use white sugar, some people like to use brown sugar. Depends on what sugar you prefer, but I prefer use brown sugar