Asian Pickles

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asian pickles

I was on a search for new flavors to add to my diet (and new snacks to have on hand while I study), when I discovered a wealth of information about Asian pickling techniques online. You can find recipes for pickles that are ready in an hour, ready in a couple of days, or that aren’t ready for months. You could salt some thinly sliced daikons and drain off the resulting water, or you could bury some vegetables in the rice bran you fermented on your own kitchen counter. I’m excited to try out some of these techniques, and I thought you might be, too. Here are some websites to get you started. Enjoy!

Chinese pickles:

Japanese pickles made with salt, miso, or rice bran:

pickled radishes:
(check out the other great recipes on this site devoted to making bento box meals)

overnight daikon pickles:

pickled mustard greens: