Ayervedic ideas for Fertility

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I want to recommend you begin to cook with butter and ghee for fertility especially for wood overacting type clients. They is considered very nourishing to add more “cushion” and earth material to their system. Highly concentrated and healthy, natural fats are good for you at this time. I can’t imagine would be come overly obese so this is fine for them unless you have short term concerns for cholesterol. If you have any questions let me know. Otherwise enjoy!


I found this thread about fertility from an Indian medical perspective. Some nice ideas for you and the husband. If you don’t know the herbs just use the ones you can. If your husband ever wants a consult let me know also. It takes two to tango )

“Ojas and Shukra/Artava is the key to fertility (vajikarana) in Ayurveda. Eat ghee on rice and cook with it in general, drink warm milk with raw sugar or honey, blend it or cook it with Shatavari, and Vidhari (wild yam). Also you can soak
over night and peel in the morning ten almonds, add a pinch of cardamom, saffron, and a tsp of raw sugar and blend with hot milk. Practice Yoga Assanas especially ones that bend at the waist and abdomen, like yoga Mudra, Durga Pranam, and Cobra. Loosely fill a jar with dates (w/o pits) than fill it with warm ghee so that it takes up the rest of the air space. Mix in ½ tsp of nutmeg and cardamom, add a nice pinch of Saffron, let it sit for a week, than eat one ghee soaked date per day, it can be eaten with soaked & peeled almonds or warm milk, or alone, it’s a nice rejuvenative for any after sex food cravings. Cook with wild yam in soups.
For him: Eat plenty of Urud dhal, soak them and make them into idly or Dosa, Urud dhal roasted in ghee and than cooked with milk and raw sugar is great if you can make it palatable. Make the above Almond milk shake but add, ¼ teaspoon of each: Ashwaganda, Bala, Gokshura, Vidhari, Shatavri, Kapi Kachu, Shimula, Maca, Suma, American Ginseng, ( I call
this the Super Man formula) Its better to mix these herbs ahead of time and just add a tablespoon as needed. Eat plenty of sweet potatoes and pumpkin. Dates and figs are also good food for this. Massage the body with warm sesame oil , especially over abdomen a couple times per week, before a warm shower.