Sticky Sesame & Walnut Balls

Categories: Desserts, Kidney Yin Vacuity, Vegetarian

sesame balls

Sticky Sesame & Walnut Balls

1/3 cup (2 ounces) black sesame seeds
1/3 to ½ cup of chopped walnuts
3-4 TBL. Honey

1. Roast the sesame seeds in a wide skillet over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Fry until fragrant, 3-5 minutes. Transfer the seeds to a bowl & let cool for a couple of minutes.
2. In a food processor, whir together the sesame seeds, walnuts, & 3 TBL Honey.
3. Roll into ¾ in. balls. If the balls don’t stick together, add a little more honey & mix well.
4. Serve.

Black Sesame seeds: Neutral, sweet & tonifies the kidney & liver, harmonizes blood & nourishes yin.
Walnuts: Slightly warm, sweet, tonifies kidneys, astringes lung, moisten intestines & descends rebellious qi.
Honey: Neutral/warm & sweet, nourishes yin, lubricates dryness, tonifies weakness, harmonizes stomach & strengthens spleen.

TCM: This dish addresses Kidney deficiency.