Chinese Black Fungus with Yuba

Categories: Kidney Qi Vacuity, Kidney Yin Vacuity

Chinese Black Fungus with Yuba

100g Chinese Black Fungus – cut into small pieces
100g Yuba (Tofu Skin) – cut into small pieces
Marinate with cooking wine and pork slices (30-45 min)
Combine oil into a pot and stir fry with green onion and yuba and Yam. Portions of green onion and pork slices can vary according to desired serving size. Add in Chinese black fungus and pork and cook for awhile. Add salt to taste and chicken broth to achieve richer flavors. Cook pork and fungus through.

Chinese black fungus – Sweet, neutral. Affects Kidney, Spleen. Supplements qi and xue; Consolidates Kidney; Softens hardened arteries; Prevents Cancer
Pork – Sweet, salty, Neutral. Affects Liver, Spleen, Kidney. Nourishes Liver & Kidney; Boosts qi, xue & yin; Moistens dryness
Yuba (Tofu) – Sweet, Cool. Benefits Yin.
Salt – Salty, Cold. Affects Kidney. Clears heat, cools xue; Eases bowel Movement; Nourishes kidney
Chicken broth – Sweet, warm. Affects Spleen, Stomach, Kidney. Supplements qi; Nourishes xue; Consolidates Kidney; Boosts wei qi.
Green Onion – Pungent, warm. Affects Lung, LI. Releases ext. WC; Invigorates xue; Drains Damp.
Yam – Sweet, neutral. Affects Spleen, Lung, Kidney. Supplements Spleen, Lung and Kidney; Benefits yin and fluids; consolidates Kidney.
Wine – Pungent, Sweet, warm. Affects Stomach, Liver, Heart. Expels cold; Invigorates xue; Stops pain.
Oil – Benefits Yin

Indications of Kid Yin xu: High thrist, dry mouth, dry stool, dark urine, red tongue with little or unrooted coat, rapid pulse.

Kidney is nourished by: Pork, Salt, Yam
Kidney is strengthened by: Black Fungus, Chicken Broth,
Yin is enriched by: Tofu, Yam, Oil
Recipe is balanced by the rich qualities of these foods with the invigorating qualities of the wine and green onion.