Radish and Mutton Flank Soup

Categories: Bi Syndrome Cold, Kidney Qi Vacuity, Kidney Yang Vacuity

Radish and Mutton Flank Soup
Mutton Flank-1.5 lb. (warming to hot, sweet, sl. bitter, supplements KD and SP YANG)
Radish-the more, the better, but they can be very strong! (cool, acrid, very moving)
Ginger-4 slices (warming to hot, acrid, sl. sweet, loosens phlegm, esp. cold)
Green onion-2 (warming and acrid, opens ST and LU)
1. Wash, peel and rough chop radish.
2. Wash mutton flank, cut into 2″ cubes and put in boiling water for a couple of minutes to rinse. Remove and drain.
3. Put all ingredients in a pot with adequate water (about 3 liters) and bring to a boil.
4. Remove foam, reduce heat and simmer for 4 hours with about 1/3 of the water left.
5. Add seasoning to serve. Eat content with soup as main course of meal.
6. Makes 2-3 servings
Benefit kidney and yang energy, clear toxic material and improve digestion, clear phlegm and stop cough, improve blood circulation and increase yang energy. Especially good for Cold syndrome with yang deficiency resulting in cough and phlegm.