Celery cooked with Tomato and Eggplant

Categories: Kidney Qi Vacuity, Kidney Water Overflow

Celery cooked with Tomato and Eggplant

Use 100g of celery pieces
100g shredded eggplant
100g tomato pieces

Put celery and eggplant into boiling water for a few minutes and then remove. Add tomato pieces, salt, olive oil, green onion and a little sugar. Combine all ingredients and it is ready to eat or serve over brown rice or with aduki beans for an additional damp draining effect!

Indications: edema (from Kidney yang xu)

Celery – sweet, bitter, cold. Liver, stomach. Clears heat resolves toxin; subdues liver yang and wind, drains damp and transform phlegm, calms shen
Tomato – sweet, sour, cold. Spleen, Stomach, UB, Kidney. Promotes fluids, clears heat, promotes urination, supplements Kidney
Eggplant – sweet, cold. spleen, stomach, LI. Clears heat relieves toxicity, moves blood breaks stasis, reduces swelling, stops pain, moves qi & opens chest
Olive oil – nourishes yin (body will retain dampness when there is yin xu)
Sugar – warm, sweet. Tonify Spleen
Green onion – pungent, warm. Lung, LI. Releases ext. WC, invigoates xue, drains damp.
salt – salty. Kidney. Consolidates Kidney. Eases bowel movement. Clears heat cools xue.

Overall this recipe tonifies Kidney as it disinhibits water and drains damp. It therefore treats the root and the branch at the same time.