I Don’t Want No Damp Heat, A recipe to help ease diarrhea caused by d-h in the L.I.

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I Don’t Want No Damp-Heat:
A recipe to help ease diarrhea caused by d-h in the L.I.
By Katie Fritz

1 c. mung beans, soaked overnight in water
1 c. amaranth
4 c. vegetable broth
1 small honeydew melon, peeled & chopped, seeds removed. Pureed in the blender
1/2 c. bamboo shoots
1/2 c. lotus root, chopped to your liking
1/2 c. button mushrooms, stems removed & chopped to your liking
Salt to taste

Place mung beans, amaranth & bamboo shoots in a slow cooker & cover w/ 4 cups of vegetable broth. Add a salt & pepper to taste.

Puree honeydew melon in your blender & add it to slow cooker just before the dish is done. Allow soup to warm up.

Upon serving the soup, place chopped spinach on top & allow it to wilt.

Serves: 4 people

TCM analysis:
Mung beans – v. cool & sweet: clears heat, detoxifies, counteracts toxins, quenches thirst
Amaranth – sweet, bitter, warm: tonifies qi, nourishes blood, strengthens SP, reduces dampness
Broth – warm & supplementing
Honeydew – cool & sweet: cools heat
Bamboo shoots – cool & sweet: strengthens ST, relieves food retention, resolves mucus
Lotus root – cool & sweet: very healing, clears heat, relieves irritability, strengthens ST, cools blood
Button mushroom – sl cool & sweet: detoxifies, stops diarrhea, resolves phlegm
Salt – cooling, salty: anti-inflammatory, softens

The overall gist of this recipe is to clear heat from the L.I. and resolve dampness. The mung beans, melon, bamboo shoots, lotus root & mushrooms serve to cool the heat in the LI, while the broth warms & supplements the MJ. Amaranth is also warm & bitter to nourish & reduce dampness. The salt is added for taste & its anti-inflammatory action in the body.