Shiitake and Shan Zha Congee

Categories: Heart Blood Stagnation, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Large Intestine Qi Stagnation, Lung Qi Vacuity, Spleen Qi Vacuity, Stomach Food Retention, Wei Qi Vacuity

Shiitake and Shan Zha Congee


Spleen Qi Vacuity with high cholesterol

Function: strengthen SP, help digestion, regulate qi and relieve stagnation.  It could use for sp/st xu with blood stasis and to lower LDL.

Ingredients : shan zha 15g, shiitake 10g, Geng mi 50g, sugar 1/2 tbs ,Water – enough amount to create congee
Serves: 3-5 people

How to cook:
1. soak shan zha, shiitake in warm water about 30 minutes then drain out water
2. in another pot make shan zha and shitake as tea , then add geng mi and sugar to make as congee

Function of ingredients:
Shan zha: disperse food stagnation, dissipate blood stasis, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol
Shiitake (xiang gu): sweet, neutral/ Spleen, Lung, strengthen qi, boost wei qi; lower cholesterol and prevent cancer
Geng mi: supplements the center and boots qi, fortify the Spleen and harmonize the Stomach