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30 day cleanse (non-grain)

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Whole9life website

Whole9life website

From Josylnn Adams

Japanese cooking basics, food blog, & resource site

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Whole Life Nutrition Web Site / Seminars / Book links and more

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What happens when you find a diet that works for you? You feel good! In fact, you feel great! Your diet needs change throughout your lifetime, the seasons, and days. Major life events can cause a shift in your body which causes a need for a shift in the diet. This can be a fun and enjoyable process. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about you!
Take a look around, check out our recipe blog, read about our 28-day Elimination & Detoxification Diet, if you feel like you need more guidance, consider scheduling a phone consult with Certified Nutritionist, Tom Malterre.

Anti-inflammatory food blog/recipes + track your food’s nutritional content

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One upstart blog with emphasis on anti-inflammatory foods:

And, a great way to look up food nutritional information:


Sushi Ninjas and the Jimmy Page diet plan

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From Chicago producer/musician’s Steve Albini’s food blog.

Independent news on natural health

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“How to Make Oatmeal . . . Wrong” NY Times opinion piece

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101 Cookbooks

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This is a journal/blog that posts delicious recipes one or more times per week. The majority of her recipes are vegetarian, some vegan and all easily adaptable. Just a fresh perspective on random things in your fridge. If you join, you’ll get an email with each new recipe!

Nina Simond’s web site

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A weekly video blog focusing on food, health, lifestyle and pleasure from renowned food author and Chinese medicine acolyte,  Nina Simonds.

Middle Eastern food blog

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great site for those interested in middle eastern food. Good inspiration for some recipe ideas.