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Jue Ming Zi Hypertension Tea

Categories: High blood pressure, Liver Blood Vacuity, Liver Fire Rising, Liver Wind (Endogenous), Liver Yang Rising


Jue Ming Zi Hypertension Tea

Wind Stroke, hypertension, high cholesterol

Jue Ming Zi clears heat, moistens dry, lowers blood pressure

Gou Qi Zi tonifies blood, benefits liver

Chrysanthemum flowers – clears heat


10g 1 tsp 5


1. Clean Jue Ming Zi,

2. low heat pan fry until fragrant and popping sound

3. Combine all ingredients and pour in hot water Steep for 15 minutes

Spinach and Mango Salad

Categories: Heart Disease, High blood pressure, Liver Fire Rising

Spinach and Mango Salad
(Serves 4)

6 cups of spinach
4 celery stalks
2 mangoes
1 cup of sunflower seeds (optional: toast lightly)

Wash spinach and celery thoroughly. Chop celery into small pieces. Cut mango into small-medium chunks. Toss ingredients together in a large bowl and serve.

TCM Analysis:
Spinach: cool, sweet, strengthens all organs, lubricates intestines, promotes urination, ventilates chest, quenches thirst, nourish blood
Celery: cool, sweet, slightly bitter, tonify KI, stop bleeding, strengthen SP & ST, clear heat, lower blood pressure, promote diuresis, benefits blood
Mango: neutral, sweet, sour, lubricates dryness, stops cough, harmonizes ST, calms LV, descends rebellious Qi
Sunflower Seed: neutral, sweet, soothes LV, lowers blood pressure, relieves dysentery, resolves pus, moistens intestines

Kelp Vegetable Soup Recipe

Categories: Liver Fire Rising

Kelp Vegetable Soup Recipe

1 Cup Dried Macrocystis blades (Macro kelp), cut into thin strips (use scissors)
3 CupsVegetable stock
Rind of Orange, cut into thin match-like strips (avoid getting the white pulp – it is bitter)
optional: ¼ tsp. Salt
2 T. Light Soy Sauce

Bring stock to a simmer. Add thin strips of Macrocystis. After the kelp has softened add orange rind, salt (if used) and soy sauce. Ladle into bowls. Garnish with a thin slice of lemon.
Serves 2 – 3.

TCM Breakdown:
Kelp: clears heat/subdues LV yang rising, softens hardness, dissipates nodules, dissolves phlegm
Xia Ku Cao: Subdues LV yang rising, clears heat from LV and brightens eyes, eliminates nodules
Orange peel: regulates qi, dries dampness, transforms phlegm
Soy Sauce: clears heat, harmonizes MJ

C/CI: caution with fluid deficiency, cough due to qi or yin xu, weak SP/St

Minty Peach and Jicama Salad

Categories: Liver Fire Rising, Liver Qi Stagnation, Liver Yin Vacuity, Lung Fluid Xu, Lung Phlegm Heat, Lung Yin Vacuity

Minty Peach and Jicama Salad

2 cups water
1 cup white rice
4 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp raw honey
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp pepper
2 medium peaches, diced
2 cups diced jicama
1 cup fresh chopped mint

Cook rice in water. Mix lemon juice, oil, honey, salt, and pepper together to make a dressing. Add mint, peach, and jicama to cooked rice and toss. Pour dressing over salad. Serves 6. (Adapted from Cooking Light magazine).

White rice: sweet, cool; SP, ST. Harmonizes middle jiao, generates fluids, clears heat.
Peach: sweet, sl. sour; ST, L.I., LU. Lubricates LU, generates body fluids, clears heat.
Jicama: No info available. (I would venture to say is has a cool temp. and a moistening/heat-clearing quality).
Mint: acrid, aromatic, cool; LV, LU. Clears heat, moves LV qi.
Lemon: Sour, cool; ST, LV, LU. Generates body fluids, harmonizes ST, regulates qi, quenches thirst.
Raw Honey: Sweet, neutral; SP, ST. Harmonizes middle jiao.

Overall, this recipe generates fluids, clears heat, harmonizes the middle burner, and regulates LV qi.
Contraindicated in those with severe cold or phlegm-damp conditions.

Arugula, Fennel, and Orange Salad

Categories: Liver Fire Rising

Arugula, Fennel, and Orange Salad

1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/4 cup olive oil
1 bunch arugula
2 orange, peeled and segmented
1 bulb fennel bulb, thinly sliced
2 tablespoons sliced black olives

Whisk together the honey, lemon juice, salt, and pepper; slowly add the olive oil while continuing to whisk.
Place the arugula in the bottom of a salad bowl; scatter the orange segments, fennel slices, and olives over the arugula; drizzle the dressing over the salad to serve.

Serves 6

Fennel – pungent & warm, SP/ST/LV/KD; disperses cold, rectifies qi, harmonizes ST
Orange – sweet, sour, cool; LV/LU/ST/UB; clears heat, soothes LV, nourishes fluids
Pepper – pungent, warm; ST/LI, warms MJ, descends ST qi, expels damp and cold
Lemon – sour, cool, astringent; benefits ST/LV, aids with indigestion
Honey – sweet, neutral; SP/LU/LI; nourishes MJ, moistens dryness
Arugula – sweet, bitter, cold; LU/ST/UB; clears heat, cools blood, promotes urination/lactation

Celery-Root Pancakes

Categories: Liver Fire Rising, Liver Yang Rising

Celery-Root Pancakes


1 pound celery root, peeled
1 russet potato (1/2 pound), peeled
2 tablespoons grated onion
1 teaspoon kosher salt
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
Freshly ground pepper

Preheat the oven to 400°. Working over a large bowl, coarsely shred the celery root and potato on the large holes of a box grater. Using 2 forks, toss the celery root and potato with the onion and salt.

In a large nonstick skillet, heat 1 1/2 tablespoons of the oil. Scoop four 1/2-cup mounds of the vegetable mixture in the skillet and flatten into cakes. Cook the pancakes over moderately high heat until browned and crisp, about 4 minutes per side. Transfer to a large baking sheet and season with pepper; keep warm in the oven. Repeat with the remaining oil and vegetable mixture. Serve the pancakes hot.

Celery: sweet, bitter, cold. Enters Liver & Stomach. Subdues Liver yang and wind, calms the shen, and clears heat.
Potato: sweet, neutral. Nourishes the Spleen & Stomach and harmonizes the middle Jiao.
Onion: acrid, neutral. Clears heat and relieves toxicity, lowers blood pressure.

This recipe is ideal for Liver yang rising type high blood pressure, especially with heat present.

Move That Liver Qi: A bitter, sweet & sour salad recipe for LV qi stagnation w/ heat

Categories: Liver Fire Rising, Liver Qi Stagnation, Liver Yang Rising

Move That Liver Qi:
A bitter, sweet & sour salad recipe for LV qi stagnation w/ heat
By Katie Fritz

2 Belgium endive, chopped
A generous handful of dandelion greens (rinsed & dried), chop if you like!
1/4 of an onion, chopped
2 plums, pitted & chopped
1/2 tbsp. coconut oil (or just use olive oil over lower heat if you have it)

1/4 c. apple cider vinegar
The juice of 1/2 a lemon
2 tbsp. olive oil
Salt & pepper to taste

Heat coconut oil in a pan and add onion. Sautee until translucent. Lightly sautee the endive & dandelion greens in the pain for about 2-4 minutes. Add plums & sautee 2 more minutes. Remove from heat & place in bowl.

Whisk together apple cider vinegar, lemon juice & olive oil. Pour over salad & toss evenly.

Servings: 2-3 people

TCM analysis:
Belgium endive — bitter & sweet: cools LV heat
Dandelion — bitter & cool-cold, sl. sweet: cools LV heat, benefits LV function, promotes flow of bile, detoxifies
Onion — acrid, sweet & warm: moves qi, diuretic
Plum — neutral-warm, sweet & sour: cools LV heat, aids digestion, softens or soothes LV, removes stagnation of qi, stimulates appetite
Coconut oil — cool & sweet: moistens
Apple cider vinegar — neutral, sour & sl. acrid: stimulates appetite
Lemon juice — cold & v. sour: expels heat, regulates qi, benefits LV, harmonizes ST, regenerates body fluids, quenches thirst
Olive oil — cool & sweet: moistens & is anti-inflammatory
Salt — cool & salty: anti-inflammatory, softens
Pepper — warm-hot, v. acrid: enriches yang, expels cold

The overall function of this recipe is the move LV qi & clear LV heat. The endive, dandelion, olive oil & salt, help to cool heat & reduce inflammation. The plum, cider vinegar & lemon juice serve to move LV qi, soothe the LV & moisten. The pepper & act of lightly cooking the salad help to combat excessive coldness to make the recipe more digestible.

Celery soup- for calm liver

Categories: Kidney Yin Vacuity, Liver Fire Rising, Liver Qi Stagnation, Liver Yang Rising, Liver Yin Vacuity

David Hatfield

Celery soup– for calm liver

8 stalks Fresh Chinese celery: slice into 3 x ¼ inch strips
10 Black mushrooms: soak dried mushrooms 1 hour, massage, slice into thirds
1 cup Wood Fungus: soak 1 hour and wash thoroughly
2 cups Eryngii Mushroom: slice into small pieces
2 cups Enoki Mushroom: cut off stalks
8 Clove garlic
2 TBS olive oil
1 TBS toasted sesame oil
2 TBS soy sauce
1 TBS fennel seeds
to taste salt, pepper

Add 1 tablespoon of oil into a preheated pan. When the oil starts to flow freely add the garlic. Add celery, soy, 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds and pepper. Cook celery till crisp add salt and sesame oil. You may need to add some water to retain the moisture of your vegetables. Remove celery and cook the rest of the ingredients the same way.

INDDICATIONS: Soothes the energetic action of the liver, calms liver heat, replenish Qi and blood, clears blood vessels lowers cholesterol, detoxifies blood, and tonify kidney and liver yin. Can be used :-for high blood pressure, dizziness due to hyperactive liver yang,arteriosclerosis and high cholesterol.

Arugula, Fennel and Dried Plum Salad

Categories: Liver Fire Rising, Liver Qi Stagnation, Liver Yang Rising

Arugula, Fennel and Dried Plum Salad


1/4 cup pine nuts
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
Salt and freshly ground pepper
1 small head of radicchio, leaves torn into 2-inch pieces
1 bunch of arugula (4 ounces)
1 small fennel bulb-halved lengthwise, cored and sliced paper thin crosswise
1 cup pitted dried plums (prunes), quartered
3 ounces fresh goat cheese, crumbled (optional)

In a small skillet, toast the pine nuts over moderate heat, shaking the pan, until golden brown, about 2 minutes; transfer to a plate to cool.
In a small bowl, whisk the balsamic and red wine vinegars with the olive oil; season with salt and pepper.
In a large bowl, toss the radicchio with the arugula, fennel, dried plums and pine nuts. Add the vinaigrette and toss. Transfer the salad to a platter, scatter the goat cheese on top and serve.

Arugula and Radicchio: sweet, bitter, cold. Enter the Lung, Stomach, and UB. These are both similar to lettuce, but are more bitter in flavor, and therefore more draining. They promote urination and clear heat.
Pine Nuts:
Fennel: While fennel seed is acrid and warm, the fresh part of this plant has a milder quality. Harmonizes the Stomach and relieves abdominal discomfort.
Vinegar: sour, warm, slightly bitter. Invigorates and clears toxins while astringing.
Plums: sweet, sour, warm, and astringent. Soothes the Liver and stops diarrhea.

The main ingredients, arugula and radicchio, focus on draining and clearing heat. The remaining ingredients harmonize and astringe to protect the yin. The plums are particularly useful when damp-heat in the lower Jiao is also causing diarrhea.

Spring Sautee

Categories: Large Intestine Qi Stagnation, Liver Fire Rising, Liver Qi Stagnation, Liver Yang Rising

Spring Sautee:
Serves 4

8 oz block of tempeh cut into cubes
3 cups julienne vegetables
Mustard greens
Turnip greens
2 TBS Soy sauce
4 TBS mirin
4 TBS rice vinegar
3 tsps sesame oil
3 tsps gomashio

Steam tempeh for 20 minutes. Put a little water in wok and heat to medium heat. Cook onion first, cover until soft (5-8 min). Add vegetables except greens, stir-fry quickly for 5 min- they should be crunchy. Add the tempeh and greens cook for 2 min. Add the soy sauce, mirin, rice vinegar and sesame oil. Toss until all water is evaporated. Serve at once and sprinkle with gomashio.

Tempeh — cools, sweet, clears heat, detoxifies, eases urination, lubricates the lung and intestines,
Carrots – clear heat, detoxifies, strengthens all organs, benefits eyes
Onion – Warm, pungent, promotes sweating, resolves phlegm, diuretic
Daikon — cool, pungent, sweet, removes food stagnation, moisten lung, resolves mucus, quench thirst
Celery — cool, sweet, bitter, Tonifies the Kidney, stops bleeding, strengthens the spleen and stomach, clears heat, lowers blood pressure, promotes diuresis, benefits blood
Kale — warm, bitter, strengthens stomach, stops pain, promotes regrowth of tissue
Mustard greens — warm, pungent, relieves common cold, promotes urination, dissolves mucus, strengthens and lubricates the intestines, ventilates the lungs and increase appetite
Turnip greens —warm, sweet, bitter, regulates qi, dries dampness, promotes digestion and transforms phlegm
Dandelion — cool, bitter, sweet, clears heat, detoxifies, anti tumor, benefits liver function, promotes bile flow, diuretic
Soy sauce — promotes digestion, harmonizes the middle jiao, clears heat
Rice vinegar — warm, sour, detoxifies, invigorates blood circulation, inhibits bacterial growth, astringes and closes pores
Sesame oil — cools, sweet, detoxifies, lubricates dryness, promotes bowel movement and produces muscle
Gomashio — seasoning made of sesame seeds, seaweed and sea salt — detoxifies, softens hardness, promotes water passage
Mirin — rice wine