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Earth Builder and Regulator

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Halibut and Broccoli

Earth Builder and Regulator

1 C Rice
¼ C Sprouted Barley
2 C Broccoli
1 Lb Halibut
1 T Fennel Seeds
1 T Black Pepper

Serves about 2

Pour 2.5 C of water into a large pot with the Rice and Sprouted Barely. Bring the water to a boil and then down to a simmer for about 30-45 minutes (or until the water is soaked up). Set over to the side.

Grind or smash up the Fennel Seeds and Black pepper together in a grinder or herb mortar. Rub all of the spice over the Halibut. Wash the Broccoli.

Heat up some oil of choice in a pan. Place the Halibut in the pan. Let the first side of the Halibut cook for about 5 minutes and then flip over. Let the halibut cook for about 3 minutes then put in the Broccoli. Let the Halibut and Broccoli cook for about 1 more minute and then put on plates.

Serve up the Rice and Sprouted Barely mix and Enjoy!

TCM Analysis
Rice: Sweet, Neutral; SP, ST; Supplements SP and ST, Generates and preserves body fluids; Poor digestion, loose stool, diarrhea, General xu
Sprouted Barely: Sweet, Salty, Cold; ST; Promotes Digestion; Food Stagnation
Broccoli: Sweet, Sl. Bitter, Acrid, Cool; SP, LV; Strengthens SP, Clears heat; Poor Digestion, Inflammation
Halibut: Sweet, Neutral; SP, ST; Strengthen SP and ST; MJ xu
Fennel Seed: Pungent, Warm; SP, ST, LV, KD; Harmonize ST; Stomachache, Abdominal Discomfort
Black Pepper: Pungent, Warm; ST, LI; Warm MJ, Descend ST Qi; Abdominal Pain, Vomiting

Overall Intended Actions
Strengthen and supplement SP and ST Qi to help digestion, move out food stagnation and relieve any abdominal discomfort accompanied with eating and/or stuck food. As listed above the Rice, Sprouted Barely, Broccoli, and Halibut are going to strengthen the ST and SP, aid in digestion, and generate fluids to assist in the proper downward flow (Broccoli’s bitterness will help with that). Fennel Seed and Black Pepper are going to warm and harmonize the MJ and help with rotting and ripening and moving everything along.

Baked Chicken Supreme

Categories: Blood Vacuity, Chicken, Qi Stagnation in Middle jiao, Qi Vacuity


Baked Chicken Supreme

Serves 4
1 chicken, skinned and cut into pieces
1 green pepper, cut into strips
1 clove garlic, pressed
1/4 cup scallions, chopped
1 cup GF chicken stock
1 teaspoon tarragon
1/2 cup butter
2 tomatoes, cut into wedges
1 teaspoon paprika
1 tsp salt
Sprinkle chicken with garlic and paprika and brown on in 1/4 cup of butter. Remove from pan. Add rest of butter and saute mushrooms, onions and green pepper. Return chicken to pan. Add chicken stock, tarragon, tomatoes and salt. Simmer for 1 hour or until chicken is tender.
Served over rice.
Overall Action: Supports and nourishes both the Spleen and the Stomach, esp. Qi and Blood!
Several ingredients are warming and/or tonifying, esp. the chicken and the rice. The rest compliment the dish by helping with weakened digestion and move the stuck qi and phlegm that might have accumulated due to the vacuity.

chicken (Warming, Sweet, Supplements Blood and Qi)
green pepper (Cooling, Sl. Acrid, Bitter, Moves Qi and Blood)
garlic (Warming to Hot, Acrid, Moves Qi, Loosens Phlegm)
scallions (Warming, Acrid, Disperses Qi)
chicken stock (Warming, Salty, Supplements Qi and Blood)
tarragon (Warming, Bitter, Sl. Acrid, Simulates digestion)
butter (Neutral to Cool, Sweet, Fatty, Supplements Blood, Qi, and moistens)
tomatoes (Cooling to Cold, Sweet, Sour, Supports Liver and Yin)
paprika (Warming, Bitter, Sl. Sweet, Stimulates digestion)
salt (Cooling, Salty, Anti-inflammatory, softens)

rice (Neutral to Warming, Sweet, Supplements Qi, strengthens central burner)

Mushroom Curried Quinoa with Veggies & Pine Nuts

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Mushroom Curried Quinoa with Veggies & Pine Nuts
Prep: 20 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes
Serves 4-6

1 cup Quinoa
2 cups water or broth (vegetable or chicken)
3 ounce bag pine nuts (½ cup)
6-8 vine ripped cherry tomatoes
½ orange bell pepper
½ red bell pepper
½ medium onion
Fresh mushrooms
Fresh basil leaves
Fresh Spinach leaves
1 tsp. Crushed garlic
1 tsp. Curry red powder
¼ tsp. Cumin or nutmeg
¼ tsp. Ground ginger
¼ tsp. Kelp seasoning or (sea salt)
2-3 TBS. Olive oil (I used walnut oil)
In a 4 quart pot, saute quinoa kernels in a small amount of olive oil until they start to pop or smell the goodness of it (3-5 minutes). Pour in the water or broth, cover & let boil for 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.
Cut in slices the bell peppers, onions, & mushrooms. In a small fry pan add 2 TBS. Olive oil, heat to medium, add sliced onions, mushrooms & garlic, cook till lightly tender add pine nuts for approximately 3 minutes, so they are lightly brown, mix in rest of the seasoning. Add peppers & cook for another 2-3 minutes. Set aside.
When quinoa is finished fluff with a fork & fold in the sauteed ingredients, turn burner on low add in fresh spinach & basil leaves & ¼ or ½ tomatoes, mix together & simmer with cover on 5 minutes or till all is warm. Serve & enjoy!

Additions: Diced chicken breast or tofu can be added to pan sauteed onions & mushrooms. Soy sauce added is optional.

TCM Ingredient Analysis:
Quinoa: Warm, sweet, sour-strengthen the entire body, tonifies qi & warms yang.
Walnut oil: Warm, sweet-enters LU/KD/LI-great source of Omega-3 fatty acids.
Pine nuts: Sli. Warm, sweet-enters LU/LI, lubricates lungs, relieves cough, lubricates intestines & promotes production of body fluids.
Mushrooms (button): Sli. Cool, sweet-enters SP/ST, induces measles eruptions, detoxifies, improves appetite, stops diarrhea & resolves phlegm & anti-tumor.
Onions: Warm, pungent-enters LU/LI, promotes sweating, resolves phlegm & is diuretic.
Garlic: Hot, pungent-anti-viral, anti-fungal detoxifies meat & seafood, kills worms, removes stagnant food & stagnant blood, reduces abscess.
Tomatoes: Sli. Cool, sweet & sour-enters SP/ST/UB/KD, promotes body fluids, clears heat, promotes urination, supplements kidneys, cools blood, detoxifies & calms liver & removes food stagnation.
Bell peppers: Sli. Warm, sweet, pungent-enters SP/HT, strengthens stomach, improves appetite, promotes blood circulation, removes stagnant food & reduces swelling.
Spinach: Cool, sweet-enters ST/LI, strengthens all organs, lubricates intestines, promotes urination, ventilates the chest & quenches thirst.
Basil: Warm, pungent-enters ST/LU, induces sweating, harmonizes stomach & antidote for seafood poisoning.
Ginger dried: Hot, pungent-enters LU/SP/ST, warms the middle jiao & interior, unblocks channels & transforms cold phlegm.
Curry/red & cayenne powder: Hot, acrid-enters SP/ST, dispels cold, fortify stomach, moves blood & qi & opens the surface.
Nutmeg/cumin: Warm, pungent-enters SP/ST/LI, secures the intestines, stop diarrhea & warms the center.
Kelp seasoning salt: Cold, salty-enters ST/LV/KD, softens hardness, dissipates nodules, tumors, masses, dissolves phlegm, reduces enema & clears heat.
Soy Sauce: Cold, salty-enters ST/SP/KD, eliminates heat, & resolves toxins.

TCM Recipe Analysis:
Overall this recipe is sweet, warming & nourishing to the middle & lower jiaos. Majority of the ingredients are warm and pungent and enters spleen, stomach & large intestines. There is a balance with cooling ingredients that is nourishing & moistening to body fluids. Quinoa is the staple for this recipe therefore the qi for the entire body is warmed & strengthened.
Additions: If chicken is added it is warm & sweet-enters SP/ST & nourishes the middle jiao & tonifies qi, blood & kidney jing. If tofu is added it is cool & sweet. It clears heat, lubricates dryness, promotes body fluids, detoxifies & strengthens spleen & stomach.

Julie Botimer

Five-Spice Powder Chicken

Categories: Chicken, Cold in the Middle Jiao, Liver Qi Stagnation, Qi Stagnation in Middle jiao, Spleen Qi Vacuity, Stomach Cold


Five-Spice Powder Chicken

6 servings

1 large piece (0.15 ounces or 4 grams) dried tangerine peel (chen pi), or 1 tablespoon of shredded pieces (optional if unavailable)
2 cloves garlic, peeled and minced
1 (1-inch) piece fresh ginger, peeled and minced
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1 teaspoon Chinese five-spice powder (wu xiang fen)
1/4 teaspoon Sichuan peppercorns or other kind of pepper
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 tablespoons dark sesame oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons brown sesame seeds
1 (4- to 5-pound) roasting chicken, giblets removed

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Soak the dried tangerine peel in warm water until soft, about 15 minutes. Remove from water. If necessary, scrape off the white pith and cut into small pieces. (Some herb shops sell tangerine peel already shredded and depithed, in which case you skip this step.)

In a food processor, whir together tangerine peel, garlic, ginger, lemon juice, five-spice powder, peppercorns, vegetable oil, sesame oil and salt until it is the consistency of a paste.

Stir the sesame seeds into the paste.

Wash the chicken, pat dry and evenly coat the exterior and interior of the chicken with the tangerine peel paste.

Place the chicken on a rack in a baking pan and roast for 20 minutes.

Lower heat to 375 degrees and roast for about another 50 minutes until the leg bone rotates easily in its socket and juices run clear rather than pink when you tip them out of the cavity of the bird.

Remove the chicken from the oven and let it rest for 5 minutes before carving.



Especially good for people with a tendency toward stomach distress (such as bloating, gas or poor appetite), fatigue (perhaps due to chronic stress) and aches and pains or low pain tolerance due to cold and stagnation in the middle jiao.

Tangerine Peel-acrid, bitter, warm; SP/LU; regulate qi, harmonize, dry damp, transform phlegm
Garlic-hot, acrid; anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, detoxify meat and seafood, kill worms, remove stagnant food and blood, reduce abscesses, warm yang, dispel cold; CONTRAINDICATED in hot or dry eye DOs, mouth sores, tongue ulcers
Ginger-pungent, warm; LU/SP/ST; disperse exterior cold, stop nausea and vomiting, detoxify other herbs, reduce inflammation
Lemon-slightly cold, very sour; ST/LV/LU; clear heat, quench thirst, harmonize stomach and relive cough
Five Spice Powder-warming; contains each of the five flavors: sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty; mixture of star anise, Sichuan pepper, fennel, cloves and cinnamon (sometimes also star anise, licorice root, and/or ground ginger)
Sichuan Pepper-pungent, hot SP/ST; warm MJ, relieve pain and diarrhea from excess cold, descend ST qi, expel damp and cold, combat intestinal parasites
Vegetable Oil-moistening
Sesame Oil-cool, sweet; LI/LV/KD; down bearing, moisten intestines, laxative, detoxifies, raise unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin and vitamin E, treats dryness in intestines, constipation, digestive obstructions, blood and qi vacuity of LV and KD, weakness in muscles, skins and bones; CONTRAINDICATED in excess conditions, weakens SP pancreas network, can cause diarrhea
Salt-salty, cold; KD; clear heat, cool blood, ease bowel movements, nourish KD
Sesame Seeds-slightly warm, sweet; nourish LV & KD, lubricate intestines, blacken gray hair, tonify body overall, benefit skin; grinding recommended because tough cell wall makes it undigestable whole
Chicken-sweet, warm; SP/ST/KD; supplement qi, nourish blood, consolidate KD, boost wei qi


Sesame-Mushroon Soba Noodles

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soba (6)

Sesame-Mushroom Soba Noodles

3 TBL. Black sesame seeds
8 oz. Dried soba noodles
2 TBL. Olive oil
1 sm. Onion, cut into ¼ in. strips
4 cloves garlic, peeled & minced
22 (l lb) fresh Shitake mushrooms, sliced, discard stems
½ cup dashi, or other stock (vegetable/beef)
¼ cup mirin, or dry sherry
3 TBL. Soy sauce
1-2 TBL. Powdered kudzu, arrowroot, cornstarch or other thickener
2 green onions, chopped into ¼ in. pcs.

1. Toast the sesame seeds in a wide skillet over medium heat, shaking the pan. Fry until fragrant, 3-5 minutes, remove from pan & set aside.
2. Bring a pot of water to boil, add the soba noodles & cook for about 5 minutes, until al dente or according to the package directions. Drain, rinse under cold water, & set aside.
3. Heat the oil in a pan over medium-high heat. Add the onions & garlic & sauté for a minute, until fragrant.
4. Add the mushrooms & saute for 5-10 minutes, until soft. Add the dashi stock, mirin, & soy sauce.
5. In a small bowl, mix the kudzu w/ a few TBL. Cold water & stir well to remove any lumps. Add the kudzu mixture to the pan & cook for another minute.
6. Toss the soba noodles & vegetables together & sprinkle with black sesame seeds & green onions before serving.


TCM: This dish strengthens the Spleen & Stomach, eliminates dampness, strengthens the liver & kidneys & augments essence.

Olive oil: Cooling, sweet, fatty & moistens.
Onions: Warm/hot, pungent, resolves phlegm & expels pathogens.
Black Sesame seeds: neutral & sweet, harmonizes blood, nourish yin, & tonifies LV & KD
Soba noodles: Buckwheat noodles, sweet & cool, supplement spleen & dispel damp, & treats food stagnation.
Garlic: Hot & pungent, detoxifies & removes stagnation.
Shitake mushrooms: Neutral & sweet strengthen spleen & stomach & detoxifies.
Mirin: sweet cooking wine, pungent, promotes circulation.
Soy sauce: Cold, salty, sweet, clears heat & detoxifies.
Stock: Neutral, cooling, salty, harmonize digestion.
Kudzu: Pungent, sweet, cool, clear heat & nourishes fluids.


Kohlrabi Salad With Cilantro

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kohlrabi salad-117

Kohlrabi Salad With Cilantro
2 med. kohlrabi, peeled and shredded
1 cup Chinese cabbage, shredded
1 carrot, cut into matchsticks
1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped, or parsley
Sesame dressing to taste
Lightly toss each group of vegetables with dressing
Arrange vegetables in ribbons of color on a serving platter
Serves 1
TCM Pattern: Stomach Heat
TCM Analysis:
Kohlrabi- Neutral, pungent, sweet, bitter, improves qi circulation
Chinese Cabbage- Neutral, sweet, promotes ulcer healing
Carrots- Neutral, sweet, relieves indigestion
Cilantro- Cooling, reduces heat signs
Sesame oil- Cool, counteracts heat, lubricates dryness