Rice Porridge with Astragalus & Common Yam

Categories: Lung Qi Vacuity, Spleen Qi Vacuity, Wei Qi Vacuity

Rice Porridge with Astragalus & Common Yam

Boil one cup brown rice with 2 yams and 24g of Astragalus (huang qi) until they are all very soft. The final consistency should be of a thick soup, or congee. Do not eat the huang qi. Rest assured that the properties of this medicinal herb will have been transferred to the congee and absorbed by the other ingredients.

Brown Rice- Sweet, warm. Affects Spleen and Stomach. Supplements qi, Soothes Stomach, Drains Damp.
Huang qi – Sweet, Warm. Affects Spleen, lung. Tonify qi, Raise yang, Boost wei qi, Used for Wasting and thirsting, Drains damp.
Yam – Sweet, Neutral. Affects Spleen, lung, kidney. Supplements Spleen, Lung, Kidney; Benefits yin and fluids, Consolidates kidney.

Indications of Sp/St qi xu: fatigue, lassitude, abdominal bloating, loose stools, pale tongue with white coating and fine weak pulse.

All 3 ingredients benefit Spleen qi. Huang qi and brown rice drain dampness. Huang qi raises clear qi and yang. This recipe is especially helpful because it is already in a soup or congee form and this makes digestion quite easy as the Spleen and Stomach have a bit of the burden taken off them.