Lung Yin Xu / TB-long mu san bai gao

Categories: Lung Fluid Xu, Lung Yin Vacuity

Lung yin xu / TB-long mu san bai gao ( it should look like syrup)
Ingredients: Long gu 100g, mu li 100g, san qi 50g, ji nei jing 100g, bai bu 50g, bai he 50g, bai bu 50g, feng mi 2000g
Fx: nourish the fluid and moisten the lung, stop coughing blood, break up stagnation. Also good for TB and coughing blood

How to make:
1. Grand all ingredients as powder and cook w/ water until it looks like congee and let cool down.
2. add honey in #1 and put in jar and preserve in the refrigerator
3. take twice a day and every time 10 g for more than 3 days
fx of herbs:
long gu: calm the liver, subdue the yang , benefit heart and kd
mu li: salty, astringe and cold. soft hardness, stop pain, calm the liver
san qi: stop bleeding and transform blood stasis; stop pain
ji nei jin: astringes the essence, soft hardness, fortify sp and st
bai bu: warm and moisten lung qi, suppress cough
bai he: moisten the lung, suppress cough.
feng mi: nourish ad harmonize the Mj, moisten dryness