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chuan xiong & hong hua tea

Categories: Heart Blood Stagnation

chuan xiong & hong hua tea
Sx: headache, fix pain, sublingual dark, purple tongue w/ scanty coating
Fx: invigorate blood, dispel stasis
INGREDIENTS:Chuan xiong 6g, hong hua 3g, green tea leaf 3g, water 150-300 cc
chuan xiong:enter liver, GB and PC channels, acrid, warm. active theblood, move qi , and alleviate pain
hong hua:enter liver and heart channels, acrid warm. active the blood, dispel blood stasis and stop pain
greenn tea: cool and help blood circulation

serve size: 1 cup


Supplement Blood Soup

Categories: Kidney Jing Vacuity, Kidney Qi Vacuity, Liver Blood Vacuity

Supplement Blood Soup

1 oz cooked Shu Di Huang
1/2 oz Chuan Xiong
2 oz Gou Ji berry
1 oz longan fruit
12 red dates
1 inch fresh ginger
1/2 cup black beans
7-8 cups vegetable or chicken stock
6 shitake mushrooms, slivered (soak if dried)
1/2 cup peanuts w. skin
1/2 cup pine nuts
4 Tbsp rice vinegar

Rinse black beans, simmer them in 3 cups boiling water for 1 hour. Combine cooked beans and bean water with herbs (except red dates) and simmer them in stock for 1 hour. Add the dates and mushrooms to the stock and simmer for another 30 min. Roast the peanuts until golden brown in a 350 degree oven (about 10 min), roast the pine nuts (about 5 min). Add the peanuts, pine nuts, vinegar to the herbal stew, and serve with white or brown rice.
Options: spinach can be added to the above o served as a side dish with steamed carrots.