Congee with an Autumn or Winter Mix

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Congee with an Autumn or Winter Mix

By Mitch Harris

Serves 2-4

Part 1
1 part (1 cup) congee:
part buckwheat: neutral, sweet, descend qi, strengthen ST, lowers blood pressure
part quinoa: warm, sweet, strengthen SP, warms yang
part short cut oats: warm, sweet, strengthen SP/ST, harmonize qi
8 parts (cups) water (optional bone broth for more jing and blood tonification)

Part 2
Per serving options of:

Winter Season Mix

Handful of Shitake Mushroom: neutral, sweet, strengthen stomach, detoxifies, strengthens immunity and promotes healing.
Scallion: hot, pungent, expel external pathogen, dispel wind-cold, induces sweating, anti-viral, anti-bacterial.
Soy sauce or salt to taste: cold, salty, sl sweet, harmonize and promote digestion, strengthen KD (in small amounts)


Autumn Season Mix

Gou Ji Berries: sweet, sour, warm, strengthen LU/KD, nourish blood/yin, stops cough
Dried Blueberries: sour, sweet, warm, tonify KD, nourish blood, astringe qi
Walnuts: sl warm, sweet, tonify KD, astringe lung, lubricate intestines, descend rebellious qi
Brown Sugar: warm, sweet, lubricates: strengthens digestion, benefit Lungs, stops cough

Part 1 Instructions:
Cook congee grains and water on stove until boil, then reduces flame and simmer for 2-4 hours. Optionally can cook overnight in a crock pot.

Stir occasionally

When finished ensure the congee is to your desired consistency. The more digestive difficulty, the more watery the congee should be to ease burden of digestion.

Part 2 instructions
Next add either the Winter Mix or the Autumn Season Mix for the following befits:

Winter Seasons Congee Benefits:
By adding these ingredients just before serving one will ensure strengthening immunity and kidneys (the root of strength in the body), with the shitake mushrooms and the salt. Oats adds a warming factor to the recipe while Quinoa adds and strengthens yang to ensure qi movement and body warmth. Since external pathogens are so common in the winter, scallions help ensure a pathogenic factor is expelled by inducing a slight spicy sweat after eating.

This simple congee soup eaten daily can help ensure no cold or flu is contracted in the cold season.

Autumn Season Congee Benefits:
By adding these ingredients just before serving one will ensure the dry season of Autumn does not damage the Lungs, what Chinese medicine consider a Delicate Organ. The congee is overall neutral and slightly warming to help the body retain its warmth in this mildly cooler season. Gou ji berry, brown sugar, and walnuts lubricate Lungs, while blueberries, gou ji, and walnuts also fortify the Kidneys, which can strengthen Lung function. Also walnuts descend rebellious qi such as coughing and blueberries help astringe qi and keep in fluids possibly lost with the drying climate of autumn.

Eating this every day in autumn can ensure ones health and respiratory wellness throughout the dry autumn season.