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Heart Blood Xu – Shen Gui Zhu Xin Tang

Categories: Heart Blood Vacuity, Heart Qi Vacuity

Heart Blood Xu – Shen Gui Zhu Xin Tang zhu xin= pig heart
Ingredients: dang shen 50g, dang gui 10g, pig heart*1, salt
Fx : tonify heart blood and heart qi
Sx: palpitation from heart qi xu, insomnia, lots dreams. Also good for postpartum
Fx of herbs:
Dang shen :tonify qi, nourish flood
Dang gui: nourish and tonify blood

How to cook
1. wash pig heart
2. put all ingredients in a ceramic pot and enough amount of water, then use low flame.  Cook until pig heart well done.  Then, add salt.
serve size 6-8 people

Liver Blood Xu-Bu Xue Dang Gui Ya

Categories: Heart Blood Stagnation, Heart Blood Vacuity, Kidney Yang Vacuity, Liver Blood Vacuity, Liver Qi Stagnation, Spleen Yang Vacuity

liver blood xu- bu xue dang gui ya
Fx: regulate the qi, tonify and nourish the blood.
Sx :D dizziness, tired, fatigue, might have cold hands and feet
Dang gui 5g,Shu di 3g,Chaun xiong1g,Bai shao 2g,Dan shen 2g,Huang qi 2 g, Gou qi 5g,Gui zhi 1g,Duck*1 ( 3kg),Fresh ginger 1g,
Fx of herbs
Dang gui : moisten the bowel and tonify , nourish the blood
Shu di :tonify blood, benefit yin
Chaun xiong: move and nourish the blood
Bai shao: nourish the blood
Dan shen : active blood, break up blood stasis and clam the spirit
Huang qi : tonify qi and blood , increase immunity
Gou qi zi: enrich the kd, supply the liver
Gui zhi : warm and unblock channels
Duck- nourish kd yin ,moisten dryness
Fresh ginger-harmonize mj
rice wine- support other ingredients

How to cook:
1. In ceramic pot and boil 6 cups of water( 1 cup=150cc) then add all herbs cook for 40 minuets.
2. keep the tea you made
3. take out all organ from the duck and wash and clean
4. add #2 and ginger, rice wine , salt and cover duck w/ enough water and put in a rice cooker to cook.
5. wait until the rice cooker told you the food is done

serve size 6-8 people