Weight Loss and Food Journals – Made Easy!

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Food Journal

Food Journal

Tired of reminding your patients about jotting down their foods     in their journals? Or giving them the “evil eye of disappoinment” when they say they don’t have time? Are your patients doubting your TCM skills when those “magical” ear acupuncture seeds aren’t making them shed a single pound? Well, here’s what you can tell them to do:


Lose It!

“Lose It!” is an app that helps track calories, consumed and expended. It can be downloaded onto your patients’ iPhones or Android phones, or for those less tech-saavy, it can be used online at www.loseit.com. This app contains a vast database of foods, including popular restuarant chains and grocery brands. Not only does this app tell you how many calories your patient has consumed, its database also contains a generous amount of exercises telling them how many calories they’ve burned.

This app makes it extremely convenient for the patient to keep a “food journal”. No more excuses. It is portable, being on their phones, iPod, or internet, and is very easy to use. It allows the patient to enter a starting weight, and will calculate the daily caloric limit in order to lose, maintain, or gain weight. It can potentially re-train your patients’ minds to think more conservatively when it comes to gorging on that family-sized deep-dish pizza, with extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and bacon.

So next time you come up against that forgetful patient and their stubborn pounds, go ahead, tell them to Lose It!

photo by: o5com