Chicken Nam Sod

Categories: Kidney Qi Vacuity, Kidney Yang Vacuity, Spleen Qi Vacuity, Spleen Yang Vacuity

Chicken Nam Sod

1 bunch chopped cilantro
2 ½ lbs raw ground chicken (or pork)
3 tablespoons fish sauce
Juice from 6 limes
2 oz matchsticked fresh gingerroot
1 large thinly sliced onion
Ground peanuts
Romaine hearts
3 cloves chopped garlic

Grind chicken in food processor. Sautee chicken in cooking oil with chopped garlic until the moisture from the chicken has evaporated. Put chicken aside. Sautee onion in oil. Combine chicken, cilantro, fish sauce, lime juice, ginger, sauteed onion in a bowl.

Refrigerate overnight and serve at room temperature. Present chicken on a crisp lettuce leaf and sprinkle peanuts on the top.

Serves 6

Chicken — sweet & warm; SP/ST/KD, supplement qi
Ginger — pungent & warm; LU/SP/ST, disperse exterior cold, stop nausea & vomiting
Cilantro — sl. Cool & acrid, releases the exterior, good for common cold, improves digestion
Onion — pungent & neutral; LU/SP/ST; clears heat relieves toxicity, transforms damp
Garlic — hot & acrid; promotes sweating, anti-viral, relieves toxins