KD YANG XU- tonify yang wine

Categories: Kidney Yang Vacuity

KD YANG XU- tonify yang wine
Fx: tonify qi and warm the yang
Sx: cold in the extremities , food in the stool, night sweat,arrhythmia, Heart vale prolapsed, tachycardia
Contraindication: High blood pressure , higher tension and liver yang raising
Ingredients: Red ginseng 20g,Lu rong 6g,Rice wine 1000g
Fx of herbs:
Red ginseng:tonify yuan qi
Lu rong:tonify kd yang and zi, supply essence ad stregthen the sinew ad bone
Rice wine:active and warm the channels
How to make:
1. steam red ginseng and lu rong to soft
2. put #1 in rice wine and cover 15 days
take 1-2 times a day and 10-20 ml every time.