Oysters Steamed in Egg Custard

Categories: Kidney Yin Vacuity, Shen Calming

Oysters Steamed in Egg Custard
(4-6 servings)

1 pint shucked oysters
6 eggs
2 tsp soy sauce
½ tsp white pepper
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sesame oil
1 scallion, green and white parts, minced

1. Drain the oysters well, reserving 3 tablespoons of the juice.
2. In a bowl, stir the eggs with the oyster juice to blend well. Do not beat the eggs with a fork, as no foam should form. Add the soy sauce, pepper and salt. Stir well.
3. Grease a heatproof pie dish with the sesame oil and pour in the egg mixture. Arrange the oysters evenly in the egg mixture and sprinkle with the scallions. Set the dish in a bamboo steamer basket with a lid. Cover and steam over low heat 15 to 20 minutes or until the eggs are lightly set and the oysters are just cooked. Don’t let the water come to a boil, or bubbles will form in the custard, making it spongy.

Oysters are sweet, salty and neutral, consolidate yin, and anchor yang. They are considered especially useful for yin deficiency insomnia.

Eggs are sweet and neutral, nourish yin and blood, supplement SP and ST, and calm the shen. Soy sauce is salty and cold, it harmonizes the MJ and clears heat.

White pepper is cold, pungent and bitter, it tonifies yin, sedates yang, benefits qi and removes stagnant blood.

Salt is salty and cold, it clears heat and cools the blood, eases bowel movements and nourishes the KD.

Sesame oil is cool and sweet, tonifies qi and blood, clears heat and sedates yang. Scallion is warm (green) and hot (white), it expels pathogens, dispels wind and cold, and induces sweating.

Overall: When combined, these ingredients are cool, sweet and salty to nourish yin, clear any heat harassing the HT, and anchor yang to calm shen.