Road Rage Release Tea

Categories: Beverages, Dryness, Liver Fire Rising, Liver Yang Rising


Road Rage Release Tea

sang ye (Mulberry Leaf) 15g
ju hua (Chrysanthemum Flower) 15g
jue ming zi (Cassia Seed) 15g
ku ding (Broadleaf Holly Leaf) 15g
bo he (Peppermint Leaf) 15g

Can be combined together as a group using 5g portions or mix and match to taste.
Steep in teapot for 20 minutes. Transfer to thermos. You are ready to drive in Chicago.

Indications: Red eyes, vertigo, dizziness, vexation, irritability, HBP.
ju hua – acrid, sweet, bitter, slightly cold. Affects liver, lung. Disperses wind and clears heat; Benefits and soothes Liver, Brightens eyes.
jue ming zi – sweet, bitter, slightly cold. Liver large Intestine. Clears heat from liver, brightens eyes, reduces hypertention.
ku ding – bitter, neutral, alkaline. Liver, Stomach. Lowers hypertension, clears heat.
sang ye- bitter, sweet, cold. Lung, Liver. Disperses wind, clears heat. Clears Liver, brightens eyes. Descends lIver yang
bo he- acrid, cool. Lung, Liver. Clears head and eyes, Spreads constrained Liver qi, disperses wind heat, vents rashes, benefits throat.

One can play around with these herbs to adjust to the main concern. If it’s HPN, focus on using ku ding and jue ming zi. If stress and irritability predominate use bo he and ju hua. If dizziness and vertigo predominate use sang ye. All of the above are suitable for dry and irritated eyes.