Challenges of a Raw Foods Diet

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Chinese medicine holds long standing advice to avoid over consumption off too much raw food. Some concerns may be from issues with bacteria in raw food centuries ago, but the concept of gentle to digestion remains firmly in the medicine.

As is evident from Karyn’s restaurants and detox program in Chicago, raw food is a huge concept in natural healing circles in the West and holds some useful concepts, such as avoiding preservatives and overeating. However it seems to me to be a relatively new nutrition concept in comparison to eastern nutritional views.

No one has a monopoly on healing, and I do not think it is a problem to try raw food, but to be aware this diet may not fit all. I appreciate Chinese medicine’s flexibility. Some may need raw, some may need more cooked. In this culture if one reduces excesses, something typically beneficial comes from it. If raw food helps someone to do this, this is great. As long as people know there are options in dietary principles.

Here is an article from a raw foodist who has some adice if one does want to try this dietary concept. From a TCM perspective, a yang excess issue would benefit more from this type of diet. If one is deficient it could be problematic.

Here is an articles supporting TCM’s view on raw foods and how to balance.