Shiitake Congee

Categories: Heart Blood Stagnation, Heart Qi Vacuity, Spleen Damp, Spleen Qi Vacuity

Sp qi xu with high cholesterol – crataegi fructus suitake congii
Function: strengthen SP, help digestion, regulate qi and relieve stagnation. It could use for sp/st xu with blood stasis and lower LDL
Ingredient : shan zha 15g, shitake 10g, Geng mi 50, sugar 1/2tbs ,Water —enough amout
Serve size: 3-5 people

How to cook:
1. soak shan zha, shitake in warm water about 30 minutes then drain out water
2. in another pot make shan zha and shitake as tea , then add gen mi and sugar to make as congii
Fx of ingredients:
Shan zha-disperse stagnation, dissipate blood stasis, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol
Shitake ( xiang gu) -Sweet, neutral/ Sp lung, strengthen qi, boots wei qi; lower cholesterol and prevent cancer
Geng mi- supplements the center and boots qi, fortify the sp and harmonize the st