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This site is currently meant for TCM practitioners, students and others interested in Chinese medicinal nutrition. Please try these recipes yourselves and stay involved in adding to the site content.


TCM RECIPES: is for Traditional Chinese Medicine pattern based recipes and analysis.

FOOD DISCUSSION: is for any discussion, open ended questions and banter as you will.

Discussion posts and videos can consist of anything related to nutrition at all. These posts and all recipes should be cited as title and author of the book, as class notes, or as a web url address whenever possible. This site is intended for educational use only.

Recipes should be posted on the forum discussion thread of the pattern the recipe treats IN THE REPLY BOX. The bulk of recipes I put up from Dr. Maoshing Ni and Cindy McNease nutrition class (not yet cited).

Recipe Info should include:

  • List of ingredients, directions, serving size
  • A brief TCM evaluation of basic ingredients
  • Any contraindications of note
  • Briefly list the overall TCM function of entire recipe. Often recipes have more than one function. Briefly review the main effects and any appropriate modification to shift it in a certain direction.


Click on View All at bottom right of Forum Box below what you are reading. You will see a list of Patterns in Purple. On the bottom left of the page you can scroll through page numbers to find the pattern you want to put a recipe into. The recipes will not be in Element pattern order as they are ordered by what was last looked at, so they will get scrambled a bit, but just look around all the pages to find what you want.

Any questions please email me at healthfromeast@gmail.com


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